About Us


Like your favorite song lyrics or a timeless photo, at FMA Benefits we make every effort to leave an everlasting impression upon you with health insurance.  Our best asset is our extraordinary people, and each one of us is committed daily to protecting all of yours!

We don’t take the topic of health insurance lightly, after all, a top reason for bankruptcy is the inability of someone to afford unexpected medical bills.  It’s our desire for you to remain in good health, enjoying the highest quality of life for as long as possible.  While this is always the objective, unfortunate and untimely events can happen to anyone, including you. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the statement, “dig your well before you are thirsty.”  For us, that means advising you to put a plan together that will provide for your medical needs and protect your bank account, long before any issue arises.  

Here at FMA Benefits, we provide multiple health insurance programs, meeting your budget and maximizing your ability to visit the hospitals and doctors of your choosing, inside the largest PPO network in America.

We’ve got you covered because we know you want as much value from your health insurance plan as possible for the lowest impact on your household budget.  As we evaluate what’s best for you and your family, our philosophy is simple… if it’s the advice we’d give our mother, it’s the advice we’d give to you.  It’s all about trust and our clients always have that with us.  So go ahead, hedge your bet on us, you won’t be sorry!  Everyone is talking about us, you might as well be one of them.  Around here, that’s a good thing.