Enrollment Information

Enrollment for New Distributors

New YGY/DAC distributors may enroll in the SB/A Freedom Protect Plans for the remainder of the month they became a new distributor PLUS up until the 25th of the following month. After that window of opportunity, the new distributor must wait until the next open enrollment period which begins October 1, 2021. If you are a new YGY/DAC distributor and would like to enroll, click here.

Open Enrollment for Current YGY/DAC Distributors

If you are a current YGY/DAC distributor who did not enroll in the health care plans at the time you became a distributor, you still have an opportunity to enroll. Open enrollment is open NOW until July 25, 2021! Click here to enrollNote: After the current open enrollment period ends, the next open enrollment period for YGY/DAC distributors is October 1, 2021 through Jan. 25, 2022.